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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wow! Where have I been for the past 7 months?

Seriously, I'd like to tell you I have been asleep, running, saving the world, or something equally interesting. However, I really have no excuse for the absence of my amusing posts. (Please don't tell me they aren't amusing. It would just ruin my image of myself).

Truth is, I've been busy.  I have run in two half marathons and one warrior dash.  I had an amazing trip to the beach. I was the assistant coach for a girls' fastpitch softball team.  I am a bad-ass football mom. (Heck, you have to be to keep up with the other moms from the team. These ladies are hard-core.)  I have been on a zip-line. I have booked an anniversary trip to Costa Rica for my 15th wedding anniversary with Jeremy. Truth is, he deserves way more than a trip to Costa Rica for putting up with my ass all these years. I've spent a lot of time with family.  Have I made adequate progress toward those goals I set for myself in January?  No, but I've been on a great roller-coaster ride called life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Tomorrow is 13.1 Atlanta. I am definitely not prepared for it. I see lots of Motrin in my future.  I have the Marine Corps Marathon in 29 days.  You might want to pray now that I finish each of those alive.  While those will take hours and hours and hours to complete, "Hold on tight cuz it's gonna be wilder than any 8-second ride" (Many thanks to Jake Owen for singing that song). That's just how I roll, I mean, run.

Take care and I'll see you after the race tomorrow.  Seriously, 13.1 miles? What was I thinking? Maybe I was thinking that it is better than the 40 hours of labor I was completing this in early October 1998.  Well, I guess 40 hours of labor isn't all bad. I did get a great daughter out of the deal. Sydney will be 13 on Monday. Happy birthday sweetheart!

PS. Don't pay attention to that daily mile ticker to the right. I'm not yet close to 1000 miles in 2011, but I have done way more than 91.  Maybe I should look in to updating that daily mile thing.

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